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   Treehouse Kids Summer Sports Camp offers worship, Christ-Centered
   teaching, sport specific lead-up games and snacks. 

   It runs 4 Saturdays (July 29, August 5, 12, 19) from 9am-12pm at
   Balyeat Field. Registration and drop-off is at Sparta Baptist Church.



   Knowing that there will be children (as young as completed kindergarten),
   we want to make sure that the environment they step into is  supportive
   and accommodating to their skills. 

   To accomplish this, we are incorporating lead-up games that will help with
   hand eye coordination, along with breaking them into age appropriate  
   groups so they can excel. These games will be overseen by 
   teachers and coaches of their respective sport. 


   One of the greatest things that comes out of competition is teamwork.
   So we have created an environment 
that teaches children what it
   means to depend 
on each other through service. To accomplish this
   we have 
selected the best sports (Volleyball, Soccer, and Baseball),
   and theme (Service: Pass it to Win it), that will 
best help them succeed
   at being with and for their teammates.


   While the Kids Summer Sports Camp will be cooperative and competitive,
   all of it will infused with fun! We want the kinds involved to fall in love
   with Jesus, sports, and being active. So everything we seek 
to do will
   be fun in nature.

   All of this will be accomplished in a Christ-Centered environment with
   small group leaders, coaches, and mentors who have a sincere love
   for Christ, the Sparta community, and its youth.


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