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Advent Day 22

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“Great are the works of the Lord; they are pondered by all who delight in them.”  Psalm 111:2

Imagine a new mother.  She’s exhausted by months of pregnancy and hours of delivery.  As tired as she is, she can’t sleep because she’s amazed.  Tiny fingers, little toes.  She takes in every inch of her newborn, excited to finally hold the child she’s carried.

Now, for a moment, try to think of Mary as just another mother.  She held her baby close, cuddled him, cooed at him, and cried over him.  She memorized his features and whispered in his ears.  

Then a bunch of shepherds showed up.

No one had to tell Mary she had mothered a miracle, but as events unfolded around her son’s birth, she marveled at them.  Imagine if Jesus had a baby book.  What would Mary have put in it?  A bit of hay from the manger she laid her child in?  The names of the shepherds who came to see him?  A tiny piece of the cloth she wrapped around him? 

Do you think it was difficult for Mary to look at her son and see the Savior?  To see past the new kid and see the king?  I don’t know, but Luke tells us “Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.”

Maybe we should ponder them, too.  Take a little time today and be amazed at the miracle.

Worship: Read Job 38:4-7 and think about the fact that the baby Mary held is the same God who did these things.  That tiny person was all-powerful.  Praise God right now for all the things he has done.

Family Focus: Talk together about some of the many miracles Jesus did during his ministry on earth, taking time to remember that though he came as a baby, he grew to be a man who healed the sick, walked on water, and raised the dead.