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Relentless student teen ministry

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Relentless is our student ministry program for 6th-12th grade. In partnership with parents, our goal is to cultivate an environment where we can intentionally move toward God together. We do this by having a safe and inviting space through fellowship, small groups and intentional relationships. Students are challenged to live out Romans 12:1-2 where our focus is to not be like the world, but be transformed by the renewal of our minds which only God can accomplish. This a task not easily accomplished, thus we are Relentless in our pursuit of this together.

Middle School

In the middle school ministry we are focused on presenting the Bible in a way that ignites a personal passion to pursue God and read His word. As they begin the journey of Relentless, these focuses begin to set them up for where we go during their high school years and to ask good questions during their middle school years. The goal is that they would know the story of the Bible, understand salvation, and begin to ask questions that open the doors for spiritual growth. We do this through inviting fellowship, exciting presentations of the Bible, and fun small group interactions.

High School

In the high school Relentless group we are focused on claiming our faith as our own and learning how to live out our faith in the world today. As they get ready for adulthood, these focuses will guide them to move toward God and become more likely to remain part of the church. The goal is that each student would own their faith, understand what it means to live out their faith, engage with Scripture in a way that brings spiritual growth, and see what it means to be leaders among peers, colleagues, and all those they interact with in their lives. We accomplish this through interactive teachings, intentional small groups, and student empowerment in the church.