Sparta Baptist Church

Pre-Evangelism Activity

Posted by Nate Wagner on

This last Sunday you were challenged to do a Pre-Evangelism Activity. There are a few questions that you have to ask 10 people outside of your family. Record your answers so that you can talk about what you found after April 4th.

Here are the questions in case you missed them:

1) How would you describe your current church attendance?

  • I go weekly
  • I try to go on a regular basis when I'm not busy
  • I go on Christmas & Easter, and for Weddings, Funerals
  • Church? No thanks!

2)  What faith tradition (denomination) did you grow up in and/or do you identify with a specific denomination today? 

3) Pretend You Moved To A Town Called Grantsville. Regardless of your answers above, which 3 churches would you be most likely to visit first?

  • Paul’s Lutheran Church
  • Grantsville Community Church
  • Holy Tabernacle Pentecostal Church
  • Fox River Church
  • Grantsville Baptist Church
  • First United Methodist Church
  • Grace Fellowship
  • Mary's Catholic Church
  • Abundant Life Church
  • Pipeline Church
  • Grantsville Nazarene Church