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Deep Reality Week 4: A Troubling and Empowering Truth

Deep Reality Week 4: A Troubling and Empowering Truth

Series: Deep Reality

Key Passage: Matthew 27:11-26

Discussion Questions

Getting Started


  • In what areas do people feel they need to be in control?

  • Why do people craze control?

  • Describe a time when you have given up control and found it liberating?


Study:    Read John 18:33-19:16 and Matthew 27:11-26


  • Observations?  Questions?  What is most significant to you in this encounter?

  • Talk about the different perspectives each of these had of Jesus through this encounter:  Pilate, Pilate’s wife, Chief Priests, Barabbas, Crowd.  

  • In this encounter Pilate held the power and Jesus’ hands were bound.  In reality, Jesus was unbound and any power that Pilate held had been given to him from above.   What “Deep Reality” does this encounter offer us?

  • Explain what makes this statement true:  We are designed to flourish most fully in a personal relationship with God in which we do life in full recognition that all authority belongs to Him.  


Consider and Respond:  Agree?  Disagree?  Why?


  • Worry is the belief that God is going to get it wrong.  Bitterness is the belief that God got it wrong.  Both are alleviated when we realize we are not smart enough to know how our lives should go.  

  • When I respond to events with the mindset “If I don’t, it won’t…” is to presume a position in the universe that I don’t hold.  




  • Discuss the connection between these three words:  Trust, Control, Pride

  • How would I respond differently if I were absolutely confident that God is in control?

  • In what area of your life do you need to relinquish control?