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Happiness is a Choice Week 1

Happiness is a Choice Week 1

Series: Happiness is a Choice: Discovering What Actually Makes Us Happy

Key Passage: Matthew 5:1-13

Getting Started


  • How would you define the word happiness? How do you think your definition has influenced the ways you’ve chosen to pursue happiness?

  • What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about what makes you happy? Why do you think that comes to mind?

Read Matthew 5:1-12 together



  • What does it mean to be blessed? Is it of interest to you that Jesus begins his longest recorded message in the Gospels by describing the pathway to happiness?

  • Being “Poor in Spirit” means to embrace our daily dependence on God regardless of what we have access to or possess. What are some reasons it’s difficult for us to live as though we’re dependent on God for provision, pardon, and protection? What do we lose when we live like that? What do we gain?

  • Read Matthew 7:24–26. To what extent have you built your life on dependence upon God? How do you think that has affected your happiness?

  • If happiness is powered by the law of the harvest, what do you need to “sow” in your life right now so that you can “reap” happiness in the future? How can this group support you?



  • How would you define the word holiness? How do you think your definition has influenced your relationship with God?

  • Respond: Life is difficult and full of obstacles, setbacks, and missed opportunities. Wise people don’t find happiness in their circumstances. Wise people recognize their dependence on God, and find happiness in that dependence.

  • How can this season of pandemic and quarantine help us to better live out what it means to be “Poor in Spirit”?