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Happiness is a Choice Week 4: Love Mercy

Happiness is a Choice Week 4: Love Mercy

Series: Happiness is a Choice: Discovering What Actually Makes Us Happy

Key Passage: Matthew 5:7

Getting Started


Talk about a time you felt like you were treated unfair? How did you respond? How did it play out?

In what ways do we tend to connect fairness with happiness?

Study -- Read Matthew 5:7; Micah 6:8; Luke 6:27-36; Col 3:12-13; Rom 5:6-8


Observations? What thread about mercy runs through each of these passages?

How would you define mercy?

What does it mean to love mercy?

How can loving mercy help lead to true and lasting happiness?

What are some of the consequences when fairness, retribution, and vindication are valued over mercy?

What are the benefits of prioritizing mercy?

Consider -- Agree? Disagree? Why?


The one thing you can do guaranteed to damage every relationship is choosing to play fair.

Fairness is one of the most natural and seemingly necessary things we must do to make relationships work.

Mercy means to give back better than we are given and giving to others better than they deserve.

Refusing to not play fair requires us to love mercy more than our rights and preferences.



Who would benefit right now if you decided to take "loving mercy" more seriously?

What would choosing to "love mercy" require of you right now in that relationships?

In what way might you be struggling relationally/emotionally/spiritually because you are not choosing to "love mercy"?