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Happiness is a Choice Week 5: Purity Leads to Clarity

Happiness is a Choice Week 5: Purity Leads to Clarity

Series: Happiness is a Choice: Discovering What Actually Makes Us Happy

Key Passage: Matthew 5:8

Getting Started


Talk about something you do for fun. What do you enjoy about that hobby or activity?

Have you ever seen someone undermine his or her own happiness even though that person couldn’t see it? If so, what did you do? What happened?

Think of a time when you ignored someone’s good advice. What were some of the factors that caused you to ignore the other person’s wisdom?

Study -- Read TogetherMatthew 5:8, Matthew 23:27-28; James 1:8, 4:8; II Cor 7:10


Observations? Questions? Insights?

How would you describe the meaning of being “pure in heart”

Do you agree with the idea that our hearts are deceitful, and we need to be suspicious of what they tells us?

Nate stated that those that are “Pure in Heart” have 3 things in common:

  • Value Character over Reputation.
  • Value Integrity and Authenticity over Individualism and Autonomy.
  • Value Confession over Cover-up and Grieving Sin over Guilt-Driven Despair.

In what ways do these things have the power to help lead to happiness?

Consider -- “Purity leads to Clarity.” Why? How?


Respond: “When we see as God sees we are more prone to do as God says.”

How/Why does Sin have the power to Corrode the lens through which we see the world, Corrupt our thinking, Challenge our willingness to take personal responsibility, and Compromise our ability to see truth as it really is?