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Happiness is a Choice Week 6: “Peacemakers”

Happiness is a Choice Week 6: “Peacemakers”

Series: Happiness is a Choice: Discovering What Actually Makes Us Happy

Key Passage: Matthew 5:9

Discussion Questions


Discuss a time/season of your life you would describe as ‘peaceful?’ Why would you describe it that way?

In the Bible, peace refers to wholeness or flourishing. Too often, we settle for much less, like absence of conflict or peace-keeping. Why?

Discuss some things that disrupt or destroy peace/harmony in relationships. Now discuss what would be needed to begin to do repair work.

Read Matthew 5:9, 38-47. Why do you think Jesus wants us to go to such great lengths to make peace with others? .

Respond: Our motivation for making peace with others comes from Jesus, who first gave his life to make peace with God for us.

Discuss practical ways you can be peacemakers at home, at work, in your social gatherings, at church, in your neighborhood, with family members, etc.