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Horizon Awards 2021

Horizon Awards 2021

Key Passage: Romans

Speaker: Nate Wagner

Discussion Questions

Getting Started

How would you rate yourself on a 1-5 scale on your tendency to affirm and celebrate the efforts of those around you?

What are some of the reasons/excuses we use for not be more affirming and encouraging of others?

Read Rom 16:1-23 Together

What specific observations can you make about the persons mentioned in these verses? 

What specific observations can you make about Paul from these verses? 

What kind of qualities are affirmed and valued by Paul in the work of the Gospel?

Paul’s commendations go to people with different classes, socio-economic status, and vastly different roles in the ministry.  How should this inform/inspire our affirmation of others?

It’s often said in showbusiness that "there are no small parts, only small actors”.  How does this apply to what Paul is doing in this text?

In verses 17-19, Paul warns to watch out for those who cause division in the church.

What does Paul say is the cause of the divisions he is warning about?

What does Paul say is the motive of those who bring division?

What is the antidote to these divisions?

What do you need to do to better model Paul in affirming and commending those in your sphere of influence?