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Last Words - Week 1

Last Words - Week 1

Series: Last Words

Speaker: Ben Taylor

Discuss a time in your life when you were ashamed. What were you ashamed of? How did you respond?


In this passage, being ashamed means the following:A fear of being found out and humiliated.  A fear of the knowledge and opinion of others. What reasons did Timothy have to be ashamed of himself, Paul, and Jesus? What reasons do we  have?


Read 2 Timothy 1. Respond: Not only should we not be ashamed of our suffering, we should rejoice in our suffering when we suffer for Jesus. 


Read 2 Timothy 1:6: To ‘fan the flame,’ means to keep the fire burning that God began in us.  Discuss practical ways we can keep this fire burning.  Discuss ways that we might let this fire die out if we aren’t careful. 


Respond: God will never ask us to do something that he hasn’t empowered us to do.  God asks us to participate with him in sharing the Gospel with our actions and words, but he always does the heavy lifting.


Read Hebrews 12:1-2. Respond: Because of what Jesus accomplished on the cross, if I am in Christ, I have no reason to be ashamed.