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Lord, Should We Strike With Our Swords

Lord, Should We Strike With Our Swords

Key Passage: Luke 22:51-

Speaker: Ben Taylor


Discuss a time you chose to be kind to someone who had frustrated or hurt you. 

What are a few issues that are really important to you; ones that make you want to argue/fight for them?

Read Luke 22:47-53. Despite every reason to retaliate, Jesus tells his followers to put their swords away.  Why does he do this?  Is his message the same to us?  Why or why not?

Respond: The very people we want to justify ignoring, arguing with, or hating are often the very people Jesus wants us to love. 

Respond: Jesus isn’t ok with just stopping the violence. He touches and heals Malchus’ ear completely.  He doesn’t just want us to tolerate our enemies.  He wants us to love them.

What would it look like to be gentle and kind toward others, in order to show them Jesus’ love?

Respond: Jesus responds to his betrayal and crucifixion with, “Father, forgive them.” To the degree we understand this, it empowers us to forgive and love others.