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Money Talks - Wood, Time, and Money

Money Talks  -  Wood, Time, and Money

Series: Money Talks

Key Passage: Luke 16:8-12

Speaker: Nate Wagner

Discussion Questions

Getting Started

What do you feel you regularly spend too much money on?

When it comes to managing money, what are three words that best describe you?

Who do you know that seems to have an others-first mentality with their money? What makes you think that about them?

Study Read Luke 16:1–13 together

Observations?  Questions?  Insights?

Look up the definition of the word “shrewd.” Why would the master describe the manager’s actions as shrewd?

In one sentence, try to clarify what Jesus was challenging his listeners to do.

In verse 11, Jesus contrasts worldly wealth with true riches. What do you think are the “true riches” Jesus refers to? Are you currently being entrusted with any true riches?


If it’s true that no one can serve both God and money, what are the differences between the person who serves money and the person who serves God?

At funerals, people tell stories as opposed to parading “stuff.” Which of these questions can help you shift from “stuff” to “stories”?

What do you want people to line up to thank you for at the end of your life?

What breaks your heart right now that you could use your money to do something about?

If money is intended to be a means to something in life rather than the meaning of life, what would be a “win statement” for your money if it’s not just consumption, upgrades, and waste, what is it?

Respond:  You will either master your money or be mastered by it. Your money will either add meaning to your life or it will become the meaning of your life.