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Part 1: The Rescue that Frees Us

Part 1: The Rescue that Frees Us

Series: Lighten Your Load: Learning to Walk in Freedom - A Study of Galatians

Key Passage: Galatians 1:10

Speaker: Nate Wagner

Getting on the “Same Page”

Paul gets right to the point. In the first four verses, he highlights our sinful condition, our need for Christ, and the divine origin of the gospel God has extended to us through His Son. Having reminded his readers specifically of the gospel’s divine origin, Paul goes on to admonish them for the ways they have begun to believe lies about it.

To one degree or another, we all know the hopelessness of feeling like there’s no escape. Sometimes we feel that way in our Christian walk. Jesus calls us to live a free life, but we often lose sight of what that means.

A relationship with Christ changes everything, which is part of why we spend our earthly lives learning to live as a new creation. By nature, we are drawn to sin, but through faith in Christ we are set free from the power of that nature even though its presence remains. Our struggle to live in the freedom we have in Christ is evidence of our continued need of the gospel, which is Paul’s point in his letter to the Galatians.

Discussion Questions

Getting Started

Describe a time when you felt trapped (bumper to bumper traffic, a job with no growth potential, crippling injury, etc.). How did you feel when you finally experienced freedom?

If you are currently in a situation where you feel trapped, how do you think you would you feel if you experienced freedom from it? Why?

What is Institutional Syndrome and how does it connect with the major theme of Paul’s letter to the Galatians? 

Study Read Galatians 1:1-10 Together

Observations?  Questions?  Reflections?

Have you ever studied the book of Galatians previously? What did you learn from this session about Galatians that you did not know before?

How would you characterize Paul’s tone and rhetoric in these opening verses?  What was his rationale for this?

What are the three acts Paul attributes to Jesus Christ in verse 4?

What does verse 4 communicate to us about the person and work of Jesus Christ?

What does verse 4 communicate to us about the condition of humanity?

Paul is seeking to communicate that “the divine origin of the gospel trumps all humanistic alternatives.”  Why is it so essential that the Galatians capture this truth?

How does Paul characterize the faith of the Galatians in verse 6?

What did Paul want the Galatians to capture from verse 10?


What would you say are some of the common things we “return” to as a result of not understanding how to live free?

In what ways have you experienced this in your own life? How have you seen it demonstrated in the lives of others?

In vs. 10 Paul says that it is impossible to seek the approval of both people and God at the same time?  How have you experienced this struggle in your life? If you were completely honest, in what areas do you tend to seek the approval of others more than God’s? 

Personal Application

What would real freedom look like for you in your spiritual journey right now?

If you were completely honest with yourself, which guardrail (Addition / Autonomy) are you most prone to lean with the gospel?

Over the last month where have you compromised faithfulness to Jesus to avoid being challenged or critiqued?