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Part 2: Persecutor to Preacher

Part 2: Persecutor to Preacher

Series: Lighten Your Load: Learning to Walk in Freedom - A Study of Galatians

Key Passage: Galatians 1:11-24

Speaker: Nate Wagner

Getting Started

How do you determine whether or not a teacher, pundit, celebrity, politician, news source is trustworthy?

Talk about a time you felt deceived or simply disappointed because you believed something that was presented and it turned out to be false.  How did it effect you?


Study Read Gal 1:11-24 Together

Observations?  Questions?  What was most interesting to you?

Why does Paul use his personal story to verify his apostleship?

What is the value of church leaders honestly telling the stories of their own spiritual journeys?


Respond:  Our natural inclination as people trends toward works. We tend to drift toward the lie that says we must play an active role in achieving and maintaining our salvation.


Paul was now preaching the faith that he had once tried to destroy (vs. 23).  What is the most remarkable and even unlikely conversion to Christ have you seen in the life of another person?  


Reflect       What comes to your mind as you consider these insights from the text?


God revealed his Son to Saul of Tarsus in order that Saul, an ultra-orthodox Jew, might tell the pagan nations (whom Israel hated) that Israel’s God loved them just as much as he loved Israel. Paul must have learned his sense of irony from God himself!       NT Wright

“Divine truth” refuses to compete with other “truths” because it doesn’t need agreement or validation to be true.  

Solitary time with God is foundational to the Christian life; but the Christian life is not intended to be a solitary one.



Do you ever find yourself thinking you deserve God’s grace?  What prompts you to think this way?

How does the gospel free you from pride and from guilt?

In what ways can you see how God worked in your life before your conversion, to equip you to serve Him after it?

If you were willing to be really honest with yourself, are people who have different political &/or spiritual beliefs prone to move toward or away from God when they view how you live?  

What steps would you need to take for people to be better drawn to God’s heart for them because of you?