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Part 3: The Rescue Plan

Part 3: The Rescue Plan

Series: Exodus: The God Who Relentlessly Pursues

Key Passage: Exodus 6:1-12

Speaker: Ben Taylor

Discussion Questions

Getting Started

Read Exodus 6:1-12. What stands out to you in this passage?

Discuss a time when you put too much focus on something or someone, or tried to control something or someone you couldn’t, and became anxious or frustrated about it. 


Respond: God has a role for us to play in His story, but ultimately, he will do the heavy lifting. 

Respond: If God has not delivered you from your current circumstances, he must want to work IN THE MIDST of your current circumstances. 

Respond: Superficially, we can be enslaved and yet free. We can also be free and yet enslaved. 

God’s plan has always been to rescue us from something, for something better. Discuss what the ‘from’ and the ‘for’ are. 

Respond: God’s greatest act was displayed on the cross, where Jesus used his power, not to free himself from the cross, but to stay on the cross.  


Discuss what it would look like for you live faithfully but also allow God to do the heavy lifting.