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Part 4: The Gospel Student

Part 4: The Gospel Student

Series: Lighten Your Load: Learning to Walk in Freedom - A Study of Galatians

Key Passage: Galatians 3:1-14

Speaker: Ben Taylor

Discussion Questions

Getting Started

Discuss a time when you tried to do something on your own, but realized you needed help. 

Observations? Questions? What was most interesting to you?

Study Read Galatians 3:1-14

As Christians, why do we tend to so quickly forget the core message of the Gospel?

Think of a common sin we commit. What are we worshipping/valuing more than Jesus and who we are in him?

Abraham believes God and so God counts him as righteous. However, he isn’t ACTUALLY righteous. The same is true with us: If we have surrendered to Jesus, God counts us as righteous, even though we are still unrighteous. At best, we are simultaneously sinful and righteous. Why is this so important to understand?

Respond: It’s not the amount of our faith that saves and transforms us. It’s the object of our faith all the way through. 

As Christians, it’s important that we start talking more in the third person instead of the first. For example, “I need to do better with forgiveness,” versus “I need to remind myself of the beauty of Jesus’ forgiveness for me.” Discuss why this is so important.  


In what practical ways could you remind yourself/ re-tell the Gospel to yourself regularly?