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Part 5: The Journey of Trust

Part 5: The Journey of Trust

Series: Exodus: The God Who Relentlessly Pursues

Key Passage: Exodus 13:17-14:31

Speaker: Ben Taylor


Discussion Questions

Getting Started

Read Exodus 13:17-14. What stands out to you in this passage?

Discuss a time in your life when a change in perspective caused you to change your opinion about something that happened to you. 


Respond: Every error in judgment we make and every sin we commit is because we don’t trust God enough. 

God purposely puts us in difficult situations so he can reveal his glory and so we will learn to rely on him. Agree or disagree? Why do you believe that?

Why is it good that God acts for the sake of his name, rather than in response to our merit?

God didn’t tell the Israelites to go anywhere that he himself wasn’t willing to go. Why does this make it easier to trust him?    

Respond: We don’t need to have God’s perspective. We just need to trust that he has a perspective on our lives that we don’t.


Which of the following exhortations from Moses (God) speak to you most today? “Do not be afraid. Stand firm. Be still.” 


Respond: Ultimately, we know we can trust God because of the cross. At the cross, the walls of water collapsed onto Jesus. He ultimately took the condemnation that we deserved.   


Discuss what it would look like for you to trust God more deeply; to actively trust that God has a perspective you don’t.