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Part 6: Confess and Pray for One Another

Part 6: Confess and Pray for One Another

Series: For One Another: What Jesus Wants Us to Be Famous For

Key Passage: 1 John 1:6-7

Speaker: Ben Taylor

Discussion Questions

Getting Started

Discuss a time in your life when you shared a secret with someone, or they shared a secret with you.  

Is it harder to confess your sins directly to Jesus or to others? Why?

Study 1 John 1:5-10

Respond: It isn’t enough to only confess our sins to Jesus. Even though he is the only one who actually forgives sins, he never intended for it to be this way. 

Discuss the reasons we might choose NOT to be honest with other believers about our sin.   

Respond: If we don’t find trusted Christian friends to be honest with and confess to, we will twist and distort the Gospel in our own heads. 

Respond: If we are regularly confessing our sins to one another, it will enliven our prayer lives. 


Discuss what steps you could take as a family, or with friends, or steps we could take as a church, to develop a ‘fellowship of sinners.’