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Public Service Announcement - Week 2: It's Not My Place to Judge

Public Service Announcement - Week 2: It's Not My Place to Judge

Series: Public Service Announcement: Rethinking Common Christian Slogans

Key Passage: Matthew 7:1-5

Category: Faith

Speaker: Nate Wagner

Discussion Questions

Getting Started

Talk about a time when your first impression of a person was wrong. How did what you
later learned about the person change your relationship with him or her?

 Consider & Respond: “Judge not” is one of the most quoted statements in the Bible by
those who don’t follow Jesus. Christians are regularly accused of violating this command.
It is also one of the most misunderstood directives in the Bible.

 Study Read Matthew 7:1-5 together

 What is one group of people you tend judge? Why is it so tempting for you to judge

 What would it look like for you to be heartbroken over the sin of the people you
identified in the previous question instead of simply judging them? How can their sin
help you to recognize your own sin?

 When you size others up, do you tend to write them off (condemn them) or walk away
(avoid their problems)? Why do you think you respond the way you do?

Have you been sized up recently but refused to listen and instead wrote the person off
as being judgmental? If so, what can you do to better listen to the feedback you’ve
received and begin to make changes?

Healthy judgement in the life of the believer involves patience, grace, truth, and
humility. It starts with a proper understanding of the gospel and continues as an
expression of how the gospel has the power to redeem, reconcile, and restore.



Who is one person you need to stop writing off or walking away from? What is one thing
you can do this week to put aside judgment and love that person well? How can this
group help and support you?

How does the following statement speak to your need for growth in this area?


We size people up and write them off, walk away, or refuse to listen. We all do it. But if the
sin of others doesn’t break our heart, it’s probably because our heart has never been broken
over our own sin. Self-righteous is the thing Jesus despised most.