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Public Service Announcement - Week 5: Obviously, Jesus Would...

Public Service Announcement - Week 5: Obviously, Jesus Would...

Series: Public Service Announcement: Rethinking Common Christian Slogans

Key Passage: John 1:14-18

Category: Faith

Speaker: Nate Wagner

Discussion Questions

Have you ever had to share a difficult truth with someone at work, in your family, or at church? Were you graceful in the way you communicated? How did that affect the way the person responded?

People focused on truth worry that others will get away with something, while those focused on grace worry that they might make others feel bad about themselves. Which better describes you? How does that affect the way you think about God and faith?

In your interactions with Christians, have you mostly experienced judgment, a wishy-washy avoidance of biblical truth, or a mix of truth and grace? Explain.

Read John 4:1–26. What do you find most startling about this story? What about it makes you uncomfortable? What about it is reassuring?

Read John 8:1–11. Talk about how Jesus navigates the tension between truth and grace in verses 10 and 11. Is it significant that Jesus tells the woman he doesn’t condemn her before he commands her to leave her life of sin? Why or why not?

Walking in Grace and Truth requires that we listen, learn, lament, love, and lean in. Talk about both the benefits and challenges of each of these.

Respond: Learning to love like Jesus and capturing the essence of Him being full of grace and truth should produce both humility and confidence in us.

In what ways is walking with humility and confidence showcased by being a student, a griever, and a builder? Which of these do you need to better develop in your life right now? What step do you need to take to move in that direction? How can this group help you?