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The Final Road - Week 1: Casting Crowns

The Final Road - Week 1: Casting Crowns

Series: The Final Road

Key Passage: Luke 19:37-38

Discuss something that gives your life meaning and purpose. Why is this so?

Read Zechariah 9:9. Discuss Jesus’ qualities as both victorious and lowly as he enters Jerusalem.  Why are both qualities so important for us?

Read Luke 19:28-40. Jesus comes to us and asks us to crown him or kill him. Why does it have to be this extreme?

Respond: All of us are given a metaphorical crown. This crown represents our allegiance; what gives us ultimate meaning. It’s up to us where we place our crown.

Discuss: If we place our crown on anything other than Jesus, it will never deliver.

Respond: Jesus took a crown of thorns for us, so we know we can trust him with our crowns.