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The Folly of Kings - Week 1: The King of Unrealized Potential

The Folly of Kings - Week 1: The King of Unrealized Potential

Series: The Folly of Kings

Key Passage: 1 Samuel

Category: Hope

Speaker: Nate Wagner

Discussion Questions


Getting Started


Talk about a time when you faced disappointment. Who or what did you blame for your circumstances? How did that affect the way you handled the disappointment?

Study Read through I Samuel 15 together

What is unsettling about the instructions the Lord gives to Saul in vv. 2-3?

How did Saul fail to carry out the Lord’s instruction?

In vv.12-23 there is a pattern that repeats 3 times. Saul proclaims, ‘I have obeyed’ - Samuel asks, ‘why have you not obeyed?’ – What does this emphasize about Saul’s character?

Read Saul’s confession in vv. 24-25. What is at the heart of Saul’s disobedience?  How much is fear of people over God at the heart of sin in your own life?

What confidence or encouragement do you get from the truth that Samuel states about God in v.29?

What does it mean for the Lord to “grieve” over making Saul king? What does this emphasize about the character of God?

Consider from the life of Saul

Imagine you are on the search committee for the first king of Israel. What would you look for in your applicants? What were Saul’s actual qualifications?   

Imagine you have a friend like Saul, who keeps taking matters into his own hands and ignoring what God’s word teaches him. What advice would you give him?

Application Which of these is a needed area of growth for you?

Our Character needs to outpace our Charisma.

Our Obedience needs to outpace our Opportunities.

Our Integrity needs to outpace our Influence.

Our Gratitude needs to outpace our Gifts.