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The Folly of Kings - Week 4: The King Who Kept a Diary

The Folly of Kings - Week 4: The King Who Kept a Diary

Series: The Folly of Kings

Key Passage: 2 Kings 10:28-29

Speaker: Ben Taylor


Discuss the kinds of things people put in their diaries. Why do people tend to put these things in there?

What kinds of sins can people keep private/hidden from others? What are the negative effects of keeping these sins hidden?

Read 2 Kings 9:6-9. Respond: It bothers us that God would use a person as an instrument of judgment to kill other people, even if they are wicked.  But the truth is, it’s hard for God to win with us.  If he destroys people, he is seen as a monster.  If he allows wickedness to continue, he is seen as uncaring.

Read 2 Kings 10:15-29. Discuss Jehu’s hypocrisy of being so zealous to destroy wickedness, but nurturing personal idols at the same time.  How can we relate to that? 

Read 2 Kings 10:28-33. Respond: God can use us to accomplish his purposes, even though we are far from perfect.  However, our hidden sins will eventually surface.  And there will always be consequences. 

Respond: Jesus died for our hidden sins.  Therefore, we can entrust God with the hidden, unchecked areas of our lives, so he can bring transformation and healing.