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The Folly of Kings - Week 6: The King Who Heard Voices

The Folly of Kings - Week 6: The King Who Heard Voices

Series: The Folly of Kings

Key Passage: 2 Kings 19:5-7

Speaker: Ben Taylor


Discuss someone’s voice (mom, dad, mentor, friend) from childhood that you distinctly remember.  Did they have a word or phrase they would repeat over and over? What was it?  What makes their voice so easy to remember?

What are a few messages from our culture that seem right but can hurt us in the long run? 

Read 2 Kings 18-20. Why is it so important that Hezekiah’s response to the threat was to pray to God and listen to Isaiah’s voice? 

How can we hear God’s voice more clearly amidst all the voices/distractions in our lives?

Hezekiah responds really well in crisis, but then he drops his guard and gets prideful.  Discuss how/why we sometimes depend on God during a crisis, then forget about him when things are good. 

Read John 10:11-16, 27-30. Respond: Following the voice of Jesus is the only voice that will lead us to joy and satisfaction.