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The Folly of Kings - Week 7: The King Who Lost His Sight

The Folly of Kings - Week 7: The King Who Lost His Sight

Series: The Folly of Kings

Key Passage: 2 Chronicles 36:11-20

Speaker: Nate Wagner

Getting Started
Talk about a time when you watched someone else make a poor choice. Did you try to intervene? What happened?
How would you define FREEDOM?

What is the difference between freedom and autonomy?


Study Read 2 Chronicles 36:11-20 & 2 Kings 25:1-21
Observations? Insights? Questions?

What does the text tell us about Zedekiah’s, the other leader’s, and the people’s response to God’s warnings?

Nebuchadnezzar’s final siege lasted eighteen months ending in 586 BC. How did King Zedekiah regard the LORD? What was God’s final word to him?

After the fall of Jerusalem, Jeremiah grieved for his beloved city. What did Jeremiah believe about the Upper Story of God? What specifically can we apply to our own lives from Jeremiah’s lament and praise?

What did God promise He would do for Israel in spite of their great sin, their Babylonian exile and their stone hearts? What does this teach you about God’s heart for His chosen nation?


Consider: How have you seen these truths proven true?

Rebellion ALWAYS leads to pain

Freedom is ALWAYS better than autonomy.

God is NEVER out to get you, but He is ALWAYS seeking to get you back.

The consequences of our rebellion are ALWAYS later and greater than we anticipate.

Submission to God’s discipline ALWAYS leads to greater freedom.


“God doesn’t have to punish us because sin bears its own consequences.” How does this change your view of sin? How does it change your view of God?

You belong to God. He loves you. You have to decide whether to humble yourself to him or press on and eventually suffer the consequences of your attempts to be autonomous. God didn’t spare his own Son to gain your salvation. He won’t spare your wealth, health, or marriage to get your attention.