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Twas The Night - Part 3 - What's Wrong with Christmas

Twas The Night - Part 3 - What's Wrong with Christmas

Series: Twas The Night

Key Passage: Matthew 9:12-13

Speaker: Nate Wagner



Getting Started

Think about your family genealogy. Do you have any famous ancestors? Do you have any family members that you conveniently forget to mention?

Who are the most despised characters in modern society? Which ones do you think Jesus would not spend time with?

Our God is a Promise Maker and a Promise Keeper.  How has God proven faithful to his promises both in your life in the lives of those around you?


Read Matthew 1:1-16 Jesus has the “wrong” pedigree.

What do you know about Jesus’ genealogy? What surprises you about his ancestry?

What prominent ancestors of Christ are mentioned? 

What four women were ancestors of Christ, and what do we know about them?

Read Matthew 1:18-25 Jesus came for the “wrong” purpose.

The angel told Joseph that this baby that Mary was carrying in her womb was to be called Jesus because he will save his people from their sins.  Why would that news potentially have been disappointing to Joseph?

Joseph responded to the message of the angel by obeying everything he had been told. What is your response to a God who is with us and who keeps his promises?

Read Matthew 9:9-13 Jesus attracted the “wrong” people.

Read Matthew 9:9-13. Jesus seems to be okay with mixing it up with sinners. How does Jesus model living a godly life without removing yourself from the company of sinners?

Jesus makes a statement about the healthy and the sick. Would you consider yourself more “healthy” or “sickly”?


How does a right perspective change what’s “wrong” with Christmas  -  pedigree, purpose, and people)?  

This Christmas season, how will you remind yourself that God keeps his promises and that he is with you?