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Wait Here - Week 1: Waiting in Both Grief and Joy

Wait Here - Week 1: Waiting in Both Grief and Joy

Series: Wait Here: When God's expectations do battle with ours

Key Passage: 1 Peter 1:6-7

Speaker: Nate Wagner

Discussion Questions

Getting Started


 Think of a time when you felt hopeless. How did you cope?

Share something that you hoped for or anticipated that took years to see realized.



Study Read I Peter 1:1-12 Together


 Observations?  Questions?  

1 Peter is written to “elect exiles” who have been scattered throughout a region that is modern-day Turkey. Who are these exiles, and why have they been scattered?

Peter begins the letter by reminding his readers of the greatness of salvation. How does understanding and appreciating our salvation help us live the Christian life?

How does this passage encourage Christians who are undergoing persecution because of their faith?

Is rejoicing in trials an unrealistic expectation? If not, what would it look like in our lives?

What prevents us from being joyful in trials?

In what ways should your hope for the future change your daily life?

In what ways has a trial strengthened your faith?



Consider Respond to each of these statements


 Too often in the most difficult moments of our lives, confusion reigns while contentment wanes; questions arise while prayer subsides.

Life will inevitably bring challenges that will overwhelm us apart from a Gospel-determined identity and a Gospel-oriented hope.

What Christ accomplished for us and the hope that he offered to us is so incredible that angels intrigued and amazed.  



Moving Forward 


 Peter tells these believers who have been scattered by persecution that the persecution they are experiencing will refine their faith and allow them to be examples of God’s love in their communities.  

Why should possessing a future hope allow us to endure challenges and trials in a way that will refine our faith and make us examples of God’s love to the world?  

Talk about ways in which this perspective effects how we operate in the workplace, in friendships, in school, in marriage, as parents, and in our politics.