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Wait Here - Week 2: Thriving in the Wating

Wait Here - Week 2: Thriving in the Wating

Series: Wait Here: When God's expectations do battle with ours

Key Passage: 1 Peter 1:13-25

Speaker: Nate Wagner

Discussion Questions


Getting Started

How would you describe the difference between surviving and thriving during difficult seasons of life?

Talk about a season of life where you felt like thriving was not a possibility and you could only focus on surviving.



Study                 Read I Peter 1:13-25 together

What is the difference between a ‘value’ and a ‘belief’?

How does the development of Christian values create a growing separation between the values of the world (which we once held) and the values of the kingdom of Jesus Christ?

Why/How does the development of these values create both friction (a tension, a rub) and an opportunity to display the superior values of the kingdom of Jesus Christ?

Why is it important to know the Christian values are rooted in the gospel?

In what way is the grace that we now experience in Christ not the final and fullest expression of grace? How does the promise of future grace empower us to live holy lives?

Discuss our responsibility to have a disciplined and sober mind and what that looks like.

Why does a commitment to holiness make no division between the secular and the sacred?

Why does coming to Christ mean that we begin a life-long evaluation/inventory of our motives and of everything we do?



Discuss an opportunity you had to see someone in a season of waiting thrive.  What decisions did they make that empowered them to thrive? 

In the message there were three essentials identified that would empower us to thrive in seasons of waiting: Prepared Mind; Exclusive Fidelity; Healthy Fear.  How would you explain the roll each of these play as we seek to thrive in the waiting?



 In what of these three areas (Prepared Mind; Exclusive Fidelity; Healthy Fear) do you need the most growth?  What step do you need to take in the next few weeks?  How can this group encourage, challenge, and support you as you take those steps?