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Wait Here: Week 5 - Power Pain, and Plan

Wait Here: Week 5 - Power Pain, and Plan

Series: Wait Here: When God's expectations do battle with ours

Key Passage: 1 Peter 3:1-22

Speaker: Nate Wagner

Discussion Questions


Getting Started


What is the difference of mindset between “going for a drive” vs. “driving to a destination”?  

Share an occasion where you felt the desire to “power up” but instead chose to “power down”.  How did things work out?


Study      Read I Peter 3:8-18


In verse 8 Peter lists 5 adjectives to describe the attitudes Christians should have in the face of adversity:

Identity each of them and explain what they mean.

Share practical examples of what each of these would look like.

Which of these is the most difficult for you and why?

Three Potential responses to others

Evil Way – Respond with evil when others do good to you

Natural Way – Respond with good when others do good and evil when others do evil to you

Christ’s Way – Respond with good regardless of whether you are treated with evil or good to you

What makes Christ’s way so difficult for us? 

What is the potential impact when we respond Christ’s way?

Peter says that it is a blessing to suffer for doing what is right.  

How is this possible?  

How would this passage be encouraging and empowering for the original hearers?


Consider Respond to each of these reflections from the message



Strategically navigating “the wait” requires planning for both power and pain.  

Underestimating influence is a shared experience for most people.

Power that is refined becomes influence.

Pain that is leveraged produces great power.




In what areas of your life do you possess power that you are not currently refining?

Is there a current area of pain in your life that you are reacting to instead of leveraging?  What is it and what would leveraging it require of you?