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Wait Here: Week 6 - The Unamerican Gospel

Wait Here: Week 6 - The Unamerican Gospel

Series: Wait Here: When God's expectations do battle with ours

Key Passage: 1 Peter 4:12-19

Category: Faith

Speaker: Nate Wagner

Discussion Questions


Getting Started


How would you define the American Dream?

Discuss ways that we are prone to Americanize the gospel, distorting and diluting it.


Study Read I Peter 4:12-19 together


How do you think persecutions and sufferings have a reason and a purpose? How do they refine and purify us? How do they help us become more real, helpful, and relevant to others when it comes to evangelism?

How does going through tough times help remove pride and selfishness?

How do sufferings act as a warning, as a sign to get right with God and reach out to lost? Have you seen this in your life? How so?

Do you know that bad times are coming? How do you feel about it? Why should we not be surprised or lament about it? What can you do to get ready for it and learn to grow from it?

Peter once scoffed at the idea that Christ or he would suffer. What do you think took place to change him? How should Peter’s growth influence us?  

Knowing that suffering can persuade you to doubt God's love and plan for you, what can you do to counter these fears and doubts?

Have you seen Christians who have gone through suffering only to become better and more passionate witnesses for Christ? How so?




Respond:  We should not expect better treatment in our world then what Jesus experienced.

How does actually “committing ourselves to our faithful Creator” have the power diminish fear and increase resiliency in the face of pain, evil, and suffering in our world?  

In what ways is an Americanized gospel incompatible with the authentic gospel of Jesus Christ?