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Wait Here: Week 7 - In the Moment

Wait Here: Week 7 - In the Moment

Series: Wait Here: When God's expectations do battle with ours

Key Passage: 1 Peter 5:7-

Category: Faith

Speaker: Ben Taylor

Discussion Questions:


Discuss something that makes you anxious.  Why does this particular thing make you so anxious?

Read 1 Peter 5:6-7. Respond: Our culture spends a lot of time regretting the past and anticipating the future, but not very much time in the present.

When we spend so little time in the moment, what kinds of things are we likely to miss?

Respond: In part, we are anxious because we try to control things that we have zero ultimate control over.

Respond: Humility is a good treatment for anxiety.  Humility recognizes our place in the world in relation to God.  The more humble we are, the more we trust that God has already dealt with our past, and he is in full control of the future.  And when we allow God to be God, we will have less anxiety (although not necessarily be cured of it) .

Gospel/ Respond: Jesus is the ultimate savior.  He himself was so anxious in the Garden that he sweat drops of blood.  Yet he never stopped trusting God.