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Wildfire - Week 2: (ex) Change

Wildfire - Week 2: (ex) Change

Series: Wildfire: The Story of the Supernatural Power that changed the World

Key Passage: Acts 4:13-17

Speaker: Dan Mauric

Discussion Questions

Discuss the dramatic difference between Peter and the other apostles in John 20:19 and the same group in Acts 2, verses 1-4 and 14. What event caused this dramatic change?

The man that Peter and John encounter in Acts 3 was born unable to walk. He was over 40 years old. Reflect on what it might be like to experience this kind of hopelessness and/or despair. How could the fact of the Resurrection change the way we might think about seemingly hopeless situations?

Change can be hard to face. Discuss the Sadducees reaction to the dramatic change that the apostles were proclaiming. Acts 4:1-4 and 13-17. Why are some reasons that we could be resistant to change?

The Resurrection is a dramatic change. God took the worst possible thing and made it the best possible good. The Resurrection could also be thought of as an “exchange”. The Resurrection exchanges death to life (Ephesians 2), old to new (2 Cor 5) slave to free (Romans 6), condemned to forgiven (Colossians 2), fear to faith (Acts 1-2). Which one of those exchanges resonates most with you?

In the first four chapters of Acts the number of people who believe in the resurrection grows from a few to 120 in chapter 1, to 3000 in chapter 2, to 5000 by the end of chapter 4. The message spread like wildfire. Why? How? What is our role in continuing to spread the good news of the Resurrection?