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Wildfire Week 3: Vision of Love

Wildfire Week 3: Vision of Love

Series: Wildfire: The Story of the Supernatural Power that changed the World

Key Passage: Acts 7:54-60

Speaker: Ben Taylor

Discussion Questions

Getting Started

  • Discuss this last year’s pandemic: The pain it caused, challenges it created, and the unexpected blessings and opportunities it provided.


  • Respond: The Holy Spirit often operates in the midst of suffering, using it to grow our faith and build God’s kingdom. 
  • Respond: Too often, American Christians are so adverse to suffering, that we resist and miss out on what the Holy Spirit wants to do in difficulty. 
  • Respond: To the degree that we see Jesus interceding for us, we can maintain a loving posture in the midst of persecution/ suffering. 
  • Respond: God does things in suffering that he can’t do anywhere else.

Study              Read Acts 6-7 Together

  • Observations?  Questions?  Reflections?
  • Fill in the blank: In the midst of intense suffering, The Holy Spirit empowered Stephen to ______.