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Wildfire Week 4: The Wildfire Consumes Paul

Wildfire Week 4: The Wildfire Consumes Paul

Series: Wildfire: The Story of the Supernatural Power that changed the World

Key Passage: Acts 22:4-8

Speaker: Nate Wagner

Discussion Guide

Getting Started

  • Who is the most outspoken critic of Christianity that you know? What would it take for you to believe that they are capable of being transformed by the gospel?
  • Paul was a scholar, skeptic, convert, leader, writer, thinker, and sufferer. Which part(s) of Paul’s identity do you relate to?

Study Read Acts 7:54-60; 9:1-9; 22:6-11

  • What efforts did Saul go to in order to persecute Christians?
  • What explanations can you give for Saul’s fanatic hatred toward Christians?
  • Why did Jesus confront Saul with the question “Why are you persecuting me?”  
  • How might Saul be an answer to Stephen’s prayer in Acts 7:54-60?


Jesus asked Saul “Why are you persecuting me?” Reflect on this Thought:  Everything was wrapped up in that one question.  There was authority, judgment, penetration, grace and urgency.  Just as Christ had done so often with others, He was piercing the heart of Saul and asking the perfect question that would cut to the very soul.  Jesus was causing Saul to question the very essence of everything he stood for and everything he was doing.  He was declaring to Saul that in persecuting His church, he was persecuting Jesus himself.

Apply These Five Areas Radically Changed in the Life of Paul. 

Discuss these questions associated with each area as you reflect on how they are present in your own life?  

  • Mission -  How does your definition of success or achievement differ from your lost friends and family?   
  • Methodology  -  What would you do if you were confident God was with you?
  • Master -  Whose approval do you value above the rest and whose evaluation has the power to inspire or deflate you most?
  • Motivation  -  What do you dream about during your down time and who/what are you most afraid of losing?  

Mindset  -  Who (group of people) do you tend to avoid, stereotype, demonize, struggle to extend grace to, or offer the benefit of the doubt?